Our Company

Mag Data is a leading Company in the distribution of plastic films.

Founded in 1985, the Company extended its business beyond national borders in the early 1990s. 

This rapid success in a highly dynamic and competitive market is the result of many winning strategies.

Mag Data offers long-lasting solutions to its customers through a careful analysis of their needs.

The Company responds to increasingly diversified market demands by offering a variety of films for lamination and flexible packaging. 

The vaste range of products available allows the customer to select the customized product with the best value for money.

The use of several specialized shippers per area guarantees an efficient distribution network which ensures fast deliveries all over the world.

The attention to a constantly evolving market has led Mag Data to diversify its business through the transformation and distribution of products in the flexible packaging and electro-mechanical industry field. 

Thanks to these highly technical sectors Mag Data has further improved its control procedures and gain new technological and commercial skills.

The same strategies led the Company to join the UV coatings market, whose products are designed for both Offset and Flexography applications.

Over the years, Mag Data has placed the relationship with its customers at the heart of each decision made. In order to meet the customers' expectations, Mag Data is constantly looking for new ideas to seize new opportunities together.