The most interesting news for 2020 (so far!)


The most interesting news for 2020 (so far!)

Just a few days ago we focused on the new films added in 2020. We immediately felt proud for their number, quality and the determination we have had in keeping ourselves focused.

In fact we had set ourselves the goal of offering our customers two things: products that would enrich the print and products that are more environmentally friendly.

We made it.

In 2020 the range of finishes aimed at ennobling the finished product has been greatly enriched. Today, by applying a film it is possible to make a surface rough, with the possibility of choosing between a more intense sandblasted effect and a finer one. You can give the print a leather-like effect, a solution designed for those who make diaries, notebooks and books. And, perhaps the most surprising novelty, you can obtain a texture with the grain of the wood, which makes the boxes of wines, leather goods and perfumes beautiful.

To satisfy the taste of an increasingly demanding public, we have added a semi-opaque film, because even between gloss and matt there are shades!

In addition, it is now possible to further protect the products with the glossy film that resists scratches and abrasions... Those who work in the cosmetics world will surely appreciate it.

Thinking about the environment, we have integrated the range of "eco-friendly" products with the cellulose acetate film. This one is now available in a glossy and matt dry version, in addition to the oxobiodegradable one, which has now become a working standard for many people.

In addition to aesthetics and the environment, we have also turned our attention to health, with the new antibacterial film that reduces 99% of the microbial load on its surface.... An important solution for the medical world and for products intended for children.

We could feel satisfied, but there is still a month to go before the end of the year and we still have some news coming. For the curious ones we can anticipate that these are ecological products that ennoble!

Would you like to know more? Keep following us or contact us. We'll be happy to keep you updated.