Standards, quality, sustainability, development: the product alone is not enough


Standards, quality, sustainability, development: the product alone is not enough

In a market of complex and ever-changing standards, where the end customer is becoming more attentive and demanding every day, supplying products at a fair price is essential but no longer sufficient.

It is necessary to offer that 'added value' that is always talked about, but which today can no longer be limited to speed of delivery, accuracy of delivery, product quality or breadth of range.

Which remain fundamental and, in the case of Ultralen and the whole Mag Data Group, a definite highlight.

But the end customer today also wants to be certain that the product complies with regulations and wants to play an increasing part in contributing to virtuous resource management.

For this reason he needs to rely on suppliers who are aligned to these new requirements.

For some time now, Mag Data Group, also by virtue of the part of its business that it develops in the pharmaceutical and food world, has included figures with specific skills in its staff.

These include, for example, two Business Operator Food Contact Experts (BO-FCE), whose expertise in regulatory compliance is available to customers.

Just as there is an entire department dedicated to Research and Development, which selects and tests innovative materials every day to make finished products more sustainable.

We live in the present and we do so with awareness and realism, but our gaze is turned towards the future and we want to stand by our customers and look together in the same direction.

We are happy to make ourselves available for any further information on the subject.