Special effects with MGI JETvarnish and Mag Data


Special effects with MGI JETvarnish and Mag Data

Last week we were guests at Konica Minolta showroom, where we tested our "dry" films with MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo UV spot coater.

We have tested the following films:

Gloss - Shiny Dry

Matt - Deep Dry

Velvety - Temptation Dry

Velvety - Velour Dry

Antiscratch - Protect Dry

Fabric-woven - Emobocoat Dry

Matt Silver - Silver Matt Dry

Velvety Silver - Silver Temptation Dry

Antiscratch Silver - Silver Protect Dry

The results obtained were positive on all films, with a good adhesion of the varnish to the film surface.

We then had fun adding the foil and we got some really special effects. In the picture you can see the result of the application of varnish and subsequent Foil Silver on silver Temptation Dry velvety matt silver film.

We will keep you updated on the next tests. Keep following us!

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