SEMI MATT: a new finish in our range


SEMI MATT: a new finish in our range

The great variety of finishes available in our product range clearly shows how important it is to satisfy aesthetic needs in the most personalized way possible.

The finishing of the film in fact helps to evoke the product contained in a package or illustrated in a catalog: for example, the matte and velvety ones are often combined with refined and classy products. The glossy one, on the other hand, has greater recall functions (the Anglo-Saxon definition "eye catching" gives a good idea).

But there are also more technical reasons behind a choice, such as readability. An opaque film, which does not refract light, makes the characters easier to read than a glossy film.

We have therefore decided to add a further finish to the choices available for our products, so as to be able to better satisfy the aesthetic and communication needs of our customers: the semi-opaque film Mag Data Semi-Matt.

This film is available in both Dry (thermal) and Wet (glue) versions in a wide range of formats. You can find the detailed technical sheets in the "Products" area of the site.

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