Scratch-resistant films protect the quality of your work


Scratch-resistant films protect the quality of your work

In a market that is increasingly attentive to the quality of production, offering valuable products that last over time allows us to satisfy the desires of those customers who tend to show higher rates of loyalty and allow the building of more long-lasting relationships.

That's why many of our customers have been offering the anti-scratch film solution for some time for those works that need to retain their beauty over time, even if they are subjected to frequent handling.

Books, catalogues, brochures, boxes and cases are the products that certainly benefit most from protection against abrasion.

This is why MAG DATA PROTECT MATT film, the scratch-resistant version of the matt film, has long been an established standard for many printers.

Since last year, the new glossy version - MAG DATA PROTECT GLOSS - has also been available and is steadily gaining market share, with a very high level of customer satisfaction.

This film is extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions and has an exceptional level of gloss.

These characteristics make it particularly suitable for high-end productions, such as perfume and cosmetics packaging.

Even the covers of the finest books completely change the appearance of the finished product.

MAG DATA PROTECT GLOSS and MAG DATA PROTECT MATT are available both as dry versions for hot laminating machines and as WET versions for water-based or solventless machines.

Protection against scratches and abrasions is provided by a special coating that is applied to the surface of the film and that guarantees the quality of the print over time.

The film is available in all common formats.

Visit our product area dedicated to anti-scratch films to download the brochure.