PURE LINE DRY, the "linen" effect for the most refined prints


PURE LINE DRY, the "linen" effect for the most refined prints

The professional printing market is constantly looking for new tools to strengthen the communicative effectiveness of its printed products.

It has already been proven that those films which add unique tactile or visual effects are extremely effective for this purpose.

The embossed films, with their embellished surface characterized by different effects (leather, linen, nappa, haircalf), represent a winning choice for the creation of products which want to differentiate themselves from common productions. From book covers, brochures, packaging, shoppers or business cards, the embellished surface will always have a special "appeal".

However, because of their particular thickness (the engraving of the surface needs a higher thickness compared to the usual films) and the consequences in terms of manufacturing process, the use of embossed "traditional" films is not suitable for all.

As a matter of fact, the separation of the prints requires the use of machines with a very powerful bursting system or with a thermal separation. For this reason this type of processing is mainly used by professional laminating centers.

Today, thanks to an innovative production technology, there is no need to "engrave" the surface. In fact, thanks to the application of special coatings, it is possible to create films that reproduce particular results by giving "optical effects" to the print. Therefore, materials that can be used easily also within the printing company are starting to be available.

Pure Line Dry is one of those films characterized by a beautiful "linen" effect which is as good as the usual mechanical fabric-woven from an aesthetic point of view and which gives a refined and elegant effect to the prints.

Pure Line Dry (Mag Data code LNT038) can be used with laminator machines equipped with a bursting system, usually employed in typography and digital printing centers.

Don't hesitate to contact us to receive more information, know more about prices or if you'd like to verify the suitability of your laminator machine to the use of Pure Line Dry: info@mag-data.com.