NEW CLEAR RAINBOW, a film that catches the eye...


NEW CLEAR RAINBOW, a film that catches the eye...

Clear Rainbow Dry is a new holographic transparent film which adds a wonderful rainbow effect to the prints.

These effects allow graphic designers to add an extremely attractive visual element to those products which need to capture the attention: invitations, menus for special occasions, wedding invitations, brochures, labels, shoppers, packaging, covers, advertising...

If applied on a dark-coloured print, the effect becomes more intense. On a range of colours, it changes the level of intensity, according to the point of view.

If we apply a glossy varnish, after the lamination, the holographic effect "fizzles out". Consequently, further creative opportunities emerge.

As with other films, the holographic lamination makes the print more resistant to water and grease.

Within the Hologram film range there are Metal Rainbow (silver with rainbow effects) and Metal Cracked Ice (silver with prismatic effects).

Products range:

MHT028 CLEAR RAINBOW DRY (Holographic Transparent Rainbow Bopp)

MHR028 METAL RAINBOW DRY (Holographic Metallized Rainbow Bopp)

MHC028 METAL CRACKED ICE DRY (Holographic Metallized Prismatic Bopp)

The products are available in stock up to 710mm size.

Larger formats are available on request.