Mag Data Digital and Ultradigy: for flawless toner prints


Mag Data Digital and Ultradigy: for flawless toner prints

Digital toner printing has now reached excellent quality levels, allowing you to obtain products of great visual impact and strong communicative effectiveness.

In the presence of high quantity of colour or when the product includes folds or creases, the use of a laminating film with inadequate adhesive might compromise the final result.

A fancy invitation with a dark background might present an unsightly detachment of the film from the fold. The cover of a paperback book may be damaged on the courtesy creasing. In a colored business card the film may peel off the edges.

Choosing the wrong film might undermine all the efforts made in creating the design and the attention paid in the pre-print and printing phases.

The colour can reduce the percentage of adhesive destined to penetrate the paper fibers, to which usual films are anchored.

The solution is simple and at handMag Data films with Digital and Ultradigy adhesive have the type and amount of adhesive that increase considerably the level of adhesion and preserve the quality of the final result.

The glossy, matt, velvety and anti-scratch films are all available in the version with toner printing adhesive and will make your work easier and lighter.

If you're not sure which product is more suitable for your needs or if you need to carry out further processings and want to verify the suitability of the product, don't hesitate to contact us. Our commercial consultants are at your disposal to guide you in your choice.