Let's find out more about HOLOGRAPHIC FILMS


Let's find out more about HOLOGRAPHIC FILMS

We have already talked about CLEAR HOLOGRAM, a transparent holographic film that adds a wonderful rainbow effect to the print.

This product is particularly appreciated by graphic studios, because it adds an extremely attractive visual element to products that need to capture attention. This effect is achieved especially when applied on dark-coloured prints.

In these months we have seen several products with this particular effect, such as book covers, shoppers, advertising postcards.

On the selection of holographic films, in addition to the transparent one, there are two metallized matt versions:

METAL RAINBOW is a silver film with a rainbow effect, suitable for shoppers and packaging.

It can be overprinted (for more details, ask for the technical data-sheet) to make it a real eye catcher, thanks to its different intensities according to the light.

A product with the Metal Rainbow effect will certaintly catch people's attention first. This is an important quality in the advertising and communication sector.

METAL CRACKED ICE is the second silver matt version, characterized by a multi-prismatic silver surface which reflects the light with different intensities, creating a strong visual effect.

Metal Cracked Ice can be overprinted as well to create shoppers, packaging and other innovative products. In addition, it is particularly appealing when matched with other finishings. A box made with this film, with a monochromatic lid and the logo on top, is an example of an extremely original and easy creation to make.

Clear Rainbow, Metal Rainbow and Metal Cracked Ice are all "dry" polypropylene films, which can be applied with a normal thermal laminating machine, used in the graphic art world.

They do not require thermal or knife separation systems, but rather a conventional bursting system.

The rolls have a reduced length compared to the usual films, to facilitate purchases in case of small orders.

The available sizes are the most requested by the market. Customized sizes may be supplied in case of need.

We invite you to contact us and ask for a price: marketing@mag-data.com