Covid Insurance for employees


Covid Insurance for employees

Mag Data Group has always been convinced that the most precious capital are its employees. Everyday, through their commitment and dedication, they contribute to the achievement of the expected results.

In this unexpected and unusual period, all our partners have shown great energy, a strong spirit of collaboration, adptation and a good dose of optimism. This allows us to continue our work and satisfy the requests of our customers.

Mag Data Group has never closed, it has been working at minimum speed and it keeps working by respecting the safety procedures for its employees and customers.

In order to take care of us and our partners the Company owners, Paola and Davide Froldi, decided to promote a project regarding an additional Welfare provision addressed to Mag Data SpA and Ultralen Italia SpA employees.

In particular, the Group implemented an insurance policy that guarantees important protections for those employees that might be affected by the virus.

These protections include hospitalization allowance, convalescence and post-hospitalization. The aid is both economical and practical, in order to guarantee the best recovery both physically and psychologically.

For what concerns the post-hospitalization period, for instance, aids are provided ranging from sending domestic helpers, baby sitters, pet sitters, accompanying children to school, delivering shopping at home and daily functions that are impossible to perform in case of illness. 

This is a challenging moment. However, we can come up stronger and proud of belonging to what, in addition to be an important entrepreneurial reality, is also a strong group of people that take care of themselves and others.

Thank you all.