Antibacterial Film, features and availability


Antibacterial Film, features and availability

Many customers asked information about the antibacterial films. As always, Mag Data Group reacted promptly to the clients requests.

This film has antibacterial properties, deriving from the addition of special agents based on silver ions.

These properties have been highlighted upon the analysis carried out by a British laboratory (IMSL, Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd) which certifies that the film has an efficiency in eliminating 99% of all bacteria according to the ISO22196 standard.

It is important to specify that the film doesn't have antiviral properties. Therefore it's an excellent solution to guarantee the highest protection for the consumer against bacterial contamination. However, it is not effective against viruses. 

In regard to the product availability, the next production cycle will start by the end of April. Consequently the product will be available in stock at the beginning of May.

The fiilm is available in both wet and dry versions, with a gloss or matt finish.

Download the technical data-sheet HERE.

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