ACE DRY, the "vegetable" lamination


ACE DRY, the "vegetable" lamination

The market demand for environmentally sustainable products is increasingly frequent and awareness of the issue is no longer limited to the younger generation.

"Sustainable" consumers pay attention to the way the product is made and orient their choice towards the most virtuous one.

They are also attentive to how the Company deals with sustainability and favour the brands most active in implementing ethical choices at all levels.

With the inclusion of Ace Dry in its product range, a film made from wood pulp and cotton, Mag Data offers the Graphic Arts market the opportunity to use a sustainable product to embellish and protect their products and thus meet the demands of the end customer.

Whether for commercial printing, publishing or packaging, Ace Dry is a virtuous answer to help protect the health of our planet.

Discover in the attached presentation all the features of this unique product!